Tips to Help you Tow a Trailer and Boat

There are many adventures which a car can take you on, and then there are so much more which you can find by adding a boat to your beloved car. Imagine getting new fishing gear from the Groupon Coupons page for West Marine and being able to reach hard to access places and enjoy secluded camping spots with your family and friends, or simply enjoy a fishing trip by yourself with nobody else around.


However, as enjoyable as these adventures are, they come with one requirement which many drivers find off-putting: Towing a trailer.


If you sound like this type of driver, below are some tips which can help you drive safely and easily with a trailer.


Tire Pressure

You would be surprised by a number of problems incorrect tire pressure can cause when pulling a trailer. From reducing your fuel efficiency to getting stuck in the worst possible places, tire pressure plays a large role in the success of your trip.


With this in mind, be sure to check the pressure in both the tires of your trailer and your towing vehicle to make sure they are at the correct level. If they aren’t, be sure to top them up and equal them out before you take off for your trip.


Tire Condition

While you are down there, be sure to give the condition of your tires a thorough inspection, looking out for any indication of bald spots and wear. If you can see any damage like this to your tire or any chunks missing, be sure to have the tire replaced before you leave for your trip. And of course, don’t forget the spare in your trunk!


The reason to check the condition is to avoid two scenarios.


The first is that you experience a tire blowout while you are doing 60 miles per hour on the freeway to the jetty.


The second is to avoid getting stuck in a muddy situation simply because you didn’t check the tread of your tires and now you can’t get any grip in the swamp.


Joints and Bearings

Your tow isn’t going to want to turn easily if it isn’t’ adequately lubricated. For this reason, also grease and lube your joints before you leave for your trip. If you can, be sure to use a marine-focused grease which can provide a tight seal over your joints and resist being washed away by water, such as the instances when your trailer dips into the water as you lower your boat in.



With the maintenance c taken care of its’ time to pay attention to other drivers. Or, should we say, make sure that they are paying attention to you. Be sure to check that all of the electricals of your trailer are working and are synchronized with the indicators of your tow vehicle.



Last, but certainly not least, are your brakes. Afterall, if your trailer brakes don’t work then you can expect to have an extra passenger in the trunk of your car. To avoid this, simply give your brakes a quick test to make sure that they are both working, and working in sequence with the brakes of your car.


Towing a vehicle isn’t impossible, it just takes practice and the right tips, like the ones above.

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